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Jurnal Aplikasi Teknologi Pangan is published by Indonesian Food Technologists in the collaboration with Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. 

Indonesian Food Technologists® is Indonesian organization on food technology (organization registration no: AHU- 00313.60.10.2014). IFT publishes Jurnal Aplikasi Teknologi Pangan (www.jatp.ift.or.id) and Journal of Applied Food Technology (www.appliedfoodtechnology.org).

Official Bank Account of Indonesian Food Technologists

  1. Bank Mandiri Branch Undip Semarang 136-00-1354048-6
  2. Bank BNI Branch Undip Semarang 0420278559 

Indonesian Food Technologists® also helps author to publish food related ISBN book. 

Indonesian Food Technologists

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Food Technology Department

Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

Diponegoro University